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Impressive Music 2009

"The Great City sound is about the merging of Franki's vocals and melodies with Grayson's music and beat (co-artist in Great City).  Both artists had the ability to create sounds that moved you, emotionally as well as rhythmicly.  And despite the electronicness of the sounds the music is well crafted and well produced.  A good listen...."
M. Rucker.
"The Great City was played on 68 college stations across the U.S.A and Canada and Europe.   It was in the top 10 of many CMJ rated stations, in 1990.  The first album, self - titled, was played on the Los Angeles based alternative rock station KROQ.
Author; Mark K 'Tarkus' O'Neil, KEOI-FM Oregon
Earth Dreams
Will i play this album?  Yes!  The first song sor of reminds me of the late 70's Devo with it's basic but up front pogostick keyboards riffs, but especially "I Am Here Now" builds into an interesting climatic crescendo.  Franki's vocals absolutely are first rate throughout the entire disc and the occational stinging guitar that surfaces fromt time to time are right on the perfect moment.  Other faves; 'Gone to Holland', Luxury.  A great record; sure glad the vocals and synth works when it could so easily have sounded like 1980 new wave, but it sound very modern here.....
author; BD, In Review section of Keyboard Magazine
Great City (1st album)
Doomsday visions from a talented duo, Grayson Wray backs Franki's artfully tuneless vocals with synth stabs, guitar liks and drum machine rhythems that tick like a time bombs.  Wray constructs his accompiaments carefully, even throwing in an occasional jass chord where other electro rockers may stick to open fifths.