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I guess you are interested in knowing why Impressive Music exist?  Well a long time ago, in the past century, around 1985, 2 musicians came together and created Impressive Records.  Impressive Records was the original home of Great City.  Impressive Records was created to promote and contain the creative juices of Franki Baaz and Grayson Wray.  And because it is hard to keep any band together, let alone a band made of two very creative persons, they soon split into to other bands.  But not before creating two great albums.  The first Great City album was self titled, Great City.  The second album was titled, Earth Dreams, the title taken from a poem by Franki Baaz.  Anyway,  Impressive Records became Impressive Music and today it still is home to Great City and now also home to Franki Baaz.  Needless to say, Impressive Music is an indie label.  A little label that thinks it is a big label with the intent of continuing to promote and put out the best music possible. 

And thanks to all the fans of our artists.  FW

Impressive Music 2009