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The first song from the Passion Blue cd and the first song from the Marriage of Sex and Love cd were played on MTV and VHI, 2006.

And Franki Baaz was nominated 2 times for Best Alternative Rock Band 2005. Once by Los Angeles Music Awards and once by Rock City News. And all 3 of the last Franki Baaz albums are getting 20 to 25 spins a week on ISON, the Australian commercial radio network which plays music globally. They are being played on the Breaking Pop show. And a song from "The Marriage of Sex and Love" album, is getting airplay on INDI 104.7, a local L.A. commercial radio station. 

You can see more of Franki at her website at www.frankibaaz.com.


Impressive Music 2009

FRANKI BAAZ has 2 videos recently posted to YouTube.  Check one of them  out at www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3AMZ9a5NUY

And you can see one of them also on her myspace page at www.myspace.com/frankibaaz

FRANKI BAAZ also did an interview for Itchy Fingers posted on  video at  her website    www.frankibaaz.com  Check it out.

Franki Baaz does Norwegian Wood
Franki does a cover version of the Beatles song Norwegian Wood for WSVN Radio.  And WSVN radio releases it in their new complilation CD.  Check it out at www.wsvnradio.net/local/beatles/beatles.htm

Franki Baaz get a consistant 24 spins every month  on uk & usa breaking pop ch.o105 at ISON.  Check it out at;