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The Marriage of Sex and Love has been described by listeners as 'powerful', and absolutely more rock and alternative.  It  merges Franki's melodic brilliance with her powerfully poetic words.   Some have called it 'power folk alternative', with a little slutty blues thrown in to spice up the mix.  What ever you think, it makes for a very good listen.

The Marriage of Sex and Love
Played on MTV and VH!

And Nominated for Best Indie Alternative Rock Band of the year 2005 by Los Angeles Music Awards and Rock City News

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The first thing you notice about Franki Baaz is her good looks. She has a face that captures you but that´s not her only asset. Once you hear her voice you´re just freeze as the passion coming from her mouth is addictive. Musically this album rocks and I can see why Franki Baaz and her band were nominated for ´Best Alternative Rock Band´ at the ´LA Music Awards´ in 2005. This is one of those albums that you must play from start to finish just incase you miss something. Every track has the same passion as the last and you´d be very hard to pick out one that stands out from the rest. Not many people can write albums with so much passion but Franki Baaz has managed that. The production is tops for capturing everything great about this album. Even if Alternative Rock isn´t your passion you do need to give this a listen. I want to hear more! (Impressive) 9/10.....author: FFruk


Franki, After dancing around the office like idiots we have approved Over-Sexed Hot Mama for distribution on iSOUND.COM. This means your song is now available on all sections of our website in addition to your artist site. Keep the great music coming! Live Life Loud, Max Content Manager - iSOUND.COM

Franki Baaz does Norwegian Wood
Franki does a cover version of the Beatles song Norwegian Wood for WSVN Radio.  And WSVN radio releases it in their new complilation CD.  Check it out at www.wsvnradio.net/local/beatles/beatles.htm

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