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The cut "Wisdom" from the Franki Baaz ep with the title of the same name topped the charts for over a year, sometimes hitting the number 1 spot, on the international radio station KAOS-FM. The radio station out of Australia is a commercial station under the ISON Live Radio International Network. The 4th cut on the same album, titled "Tears of a Woman" was also played and hit the #2 spot for the week of June 4 through June 10th, 2001. World Underground Music Show is played on 7 network stations, across Australia and the top 10 cuts for every month are compiled and sent world-wide to be airs on radio station globally.

Franki Baaz is a native of the City of Angels and lived in the Silverlake area most of her life.  She now resides in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area.
Being a veteran of city urban living, you will find traces of 'wisdom' in Franki's music that only such a life can give, having grown up in these turbulent and progressive times. Wisdom is actually Franki's 3rd album but her first as a solo songwriter. In her two previous albums, Franki co-wrote all the songs, but being a prolific songwriter those two albums left many things unsaid.
So 'Wisdom" is just the beginning of the vast reservoir or material still waiting to emerge from this prolific artist. In Franki's first album, her style had a unique edge that exemplified her youthful energy. Not surprisingly it was played on KROQ in L.A. and reviewed in Keyboard magazine.
Her second album, 'Earth Dreams', was played on and at the top-of-the-charts of some 68 college stations across the country (U.S.A.) and in Canada, with some limited European airplay.
In 'Wisdom' we get to see how Franki's style has grown.
It really shows the personal growth of this very talented artist by taking her songs and using a minimal amount of instrumentation, we get to see how strong her songwriting abilites really are. And when coupled with her expressive heartfelt voice, it makes for a trip into the chambers of ones own soul!


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